Spezless - reddit without u/spez

what if there was reddit, without the corporate controllers?

The reddit CEO (u/spez) is a good dude, but he's doing his job. Increasing shareholder value (at all costs).

So - I propose we create Spezless.

  • The site will be a clone of, err.. very very similar to Reddit
  • It'll be set up as a non-profit
  • 90% of revenue will go to moderators & power users

why an alternative is needed?

Let's be honest, this protest will change nothing.

Reddit will let the 48 hours pass, and then back to busienss as usual.

That's why the only true way to get change is to have a viable exit.

If I get 1 million people to say they want Spezless by signing up below, I'll make it happen.

So, enter your email and let's do this thing:

Live Counter: 15,035 signups* (not really, but when we get to 15,035 signups, my buddy promised he'll build the real live counter)


- Why would this be a non-profit?

I've created and sold 2 companies, I have enough money. But I do enjoy having fun, and I think it would be fun to say F-you to the corporate overlords

- Reddit is a complicated product. Can it really be built from scratch, without much funding? 

You'd be surprised what a dozen motivated engineers can do. Basically every cool thing on the internet was started by a handful of motivated devs. If people actually want an alternative, I will recruit a crack team of engineers and we can crowd-fund ~$10M-$20M to build a bullshit free reddit alternative.